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Create Your Own Bernie Shave Event

The "Bernie Shave" Campaign Technique
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We need to make Bernie's name and his great ideas known to every American. 

 Here's a fun and easy way you and a few of your friends can do it!

Create you own "Bernie Shave" event.

In the 1950’s an upstart company selling shaving cream made it big with a very inexpensive advertising campaign consisting of small, roadside signs that read in a series, usually rhyming, and always ending with the name of the product:  "Burma Shave".  These signs were nailed to fence posts along the roadside across the country and travelers looked for them for entertainment.  They were very effective and cheap.

A variation of the Burma Shave idea that can be done by any group of 5 or 6 (or more) "Bernie Shavers". Just create a set of small signs that can be read by passing cars and will convey one of Bernie’s ideas. Begin and end with a “Bernie Sanders” yard sign if you have extra Bernie Shavers.  (See detailed instructions for making the signs below.)

  • Each sign is to be held by a person.  
  • Find a stretch of road where you can safely stand on the side (on a sidewalk or behind a guard rail is best) and where most traffic will traverse the entire array of signs.  
  • Separate signs by at least 100 feet if possible, further if traffic is high speed.  
  • Wearing safety vests or any other attention grabbing garb is also recommended.  
  • Hit the high traffic period and stay there for an hour or so.  

See detailed instructions below
Here are some examples of poems but you can easily create your own.  Each line is a separate sign:

Billionaires think
They own our system
Vote for someone
Who hasn't kissed 'em
Bernie Sanders (yard sign)


                                                                    Billion dollar bailouts
                                                                         Not even a “thanks”
                                                                         It’s about time to….
                                                                         Break up the big banks
                                                                         Bernie Sanders (yard sign)

                                                                        Let Wall St. Gamblers
                                                                        Pay a small fee
                                                                        So college grads
                                                                        Can leave debt free
                              Bernie Sanders (yard sign)

                            Billionaires (and Corporations)
                            Have bought our system                            
                            Here’s how we
                            Can best resist ‘em
                            Bernie Sanders (yard sign)

                             Those who work
                             Eight hours a day
                             Should be able to live
                             On their pay
                             Bernie Sanders (yard sign)

It’s quite ironic
One must confess
When the only candidate
Who’s not B.S.
                                                    Bernie Sanders (yard sign)

Every day
She earns her way
Equal work for
Equal pay!!!!
Bernie Sanders (yard sign)
40 hours a week
At any trade
Should earn a living
On what you’re paid
Bernie Sanders (yard sign)

Here’s one that’s a bit longer for a bigger group:  

When everyone’s
A billionaire
They can choose the president
And I won’t care
But ‘til the day
That comes to pass
The billionaires
Can kiss my 
Bernie Sanders (yard sign)

Keep the message simple and reflective of Bernie’s stated positions. No profanity, of course. But have some fun doing this.   Remember we are representing the lone rational and honest candidate in this race.  We need to emulate his level of professionalism. But waving and smiling at passing cars is highly encouraged.  Try to make eye contact.  Move.  And have fun! We'd like to see "Bernie Shave" sign teams popping up all country.

How to Make "Bernie Shave" Signs

Here are some specifics to save you time in the sign production process.

1)       16” X 24” is a good size because you can cut a 4’ X 8’ sheet of stock, be it thin plywood, white paneling, or whatever, into 12 signs with zero waste.  White paneling is available at the big box hardware stores for about $15 per sheet or $1.25 per sign.

2)      At 16” X 24” your lettering can be 4” high and still allow for three lines of text on a single sign. An example of a single sign would be:
a.      Billion
b.      Use strips of 1” masking tape horizontally with their top edge at 5” and 10” down from the top of the board as writing lines.

c.      Pencil in your letters lightly then go over them with a heavy marker
3)      Find an “artsy” person to do the lettering.  We have found that wide tipped (30 mm) permanent markers, e.g. Sharpie “Magnum,” which costs $4 to $6 available at Staples and art supply stores, work well even on plastic surfaces and are very visible as well as waterproof and scuff resistant.

4)      Consider putting a hole in the sign board and using a loop of cord to create a strap to help hold the sign.  Alternatively, a stick handle could be attached to the sign to hold it.  

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  1. Great idea - easy, inexpensive, to the point! Go Team Bernie!!!